While dental crowns might sound like royalty, they are actually some hard-working pieces of dental work. A crown is simply a cap or replica of a tooth that is placed over the top of an existing tooth. The crown can help restore the appearance of the tooth so that it looks, feels, and functions just like your natural tooth.

Additionally, crowns can help to protect the natural tooth from further damage or decay. Crowns can also add more strength to the underlying tooth than it previously had, and this can improve a person’s ability to eat or speak.

Who Should Consider a Crown?

There are many people who could benefit from a dental crown. Some of the common reasons that Dr. Le will suggest that you get a crown are:

  • A cavity that is too large for a filling – In these cases, if you didn’t get a crown, the only other options would be for a tooth extraction. A crown can help you maintain your natural teeth and help promote healthy teeth, gums, and underlying jaw.

  • A cracked or worn tooth – Once a tooth cracks, it is opened up to the possibility of infection from harmful bacteria. This infection can be painful and may eventually cause the tooth to be lost. A crown adds a protective layer to ensure that bacteria cannot enter the pulp of the tooth.

  • A root canal – This procedure is used when an infection has gotten into the center of the tooth. Once a root canal is completed, a crown is placed to help seal out any other infection from being able to get into the tooth. This helps to keep your natural tooth and its root system in place in your mouth.

  • A discolored of the misshapen tooth – Sometimes we have teeth that become misshapen or discolored when compared to the other teeth. While it may be tempting to have the tooth removed, the natural tooth in your mouth is usually preferred. However, to give you a smile that you want, a crown can be a great way to give the tooth the appearance that you want.

The Composition of a Crown

Dental crowns are made of a variety of different materials. There are certain metal alloys, porcelain, composite resins, or combinations of the three that are used to create crowns. All of these designs have specific benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to talk with Le Smile about which option is best for you.

In order to find the best fit for you, Le Smile will be thinking about a few different factors. The most important is that the crown looks natural, fits comfortably, and helps to protect the underlying tooth. In addition, he is also considering the tooth location, gum tissue, if the tooth is visible when you smile, the shade of the tooth, and – most importantly, your preference.

The Crowning Process

While you don’t have to be born into a royal family to get a crown, there are some formalities that must take place. First, you’ll have to call Dr. Le to schedule an appointment. Our friendly staff can make sure we get you seen as quickly as possible. Second, Dr. Le will review your medical and dental histories and conduct a physical exam. If you are a candidate for a crown, Dr. Le will discuss your options. The tooth is then prepared by removing some part of the tooth so the crown can fit over the top. An impression is then taken and sent to a lab. You will be fitted with a temporary crown while you wait, and then in a few weeks, you can return to our offices where you will be fitted with your permanent crown!


Dental crowns are a great option for many of our patients with a wide variety of dental issues. If you think that you may be a candidate for a crown, contact our offices to schedule your appointment today.

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